NOAA: Endangered Species Listing for Atlantic bluefin tuna NOT warranted

Thankfully NOAA rejected the request to list the bluefin tuna as endangered today.  Many of us fought this movement because the data and arguments used were simply not correct.  I am all for protecting the bluefin tuna, as this entire site and effort is about conservation of tuna, however this tool, which would have recklessly quarantined fishermen is not the right answer now or into the future.  Fishery managers must learn to arrive at global, eco-system based, sustainable solutions that keep fishermen on the water, and tuna stocks healthy.  This balance is not impossible and many are working to right the situation.  You can download NOAA's official report here, which is actually a great snapshot of the fishery.  The recreational bluefin tuna catch survey many of you responded to in the Fall provided valuable data to NOAA which they used in their official report.  In the survey check page 80 and 81 for graphs and mentions from your valued input on what recreational (charter & private) are seeing on the water in regards to bluefin tuna.  The data you provided was quite useful so thanks for participating. 


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