Celebrating Dad's Birthday At The Chicken Canyon

(The first 50 seconds has the amazing dolphin footage)

My brother Jeff and I had the pleasure of sharing our Dad’s 70th birthday with him fishing offshore at the Chicken Canyon, 65 miles off the New Jersey coast. The weather was perfect, with light and variable winds and seas 2-3 feet. We met at the boat 3:30AM and pushed off shortly thereafter. Running out in the dark Dad had the spotlight on the bow lighting our way out of the river by picking up each buoy via light. Once we rounded Sandy Hook we had a faint bit of light and picked up speed. Running 30 knots, the boat loves to speed across the ocean surface. 2 hours later we arrived at the Chicken Canyon, 65 miles offshore. This was the first official trolling trip so as usual gremlins were on the boat, as it took trial and error getting the outriggers deployed and the trolling spread out correctly. My brother Jeff had the wheel while my Dad and I worked the decks. I don’t know many 70 year olds that can work the decks of a 33’ center console and look like a movie star when he’s doing it. About an hour into trolling we had two rods get hit. For a second we had two fish on, then suddenly one of the lines popped and broke. Thankfully we had the second fish on so Dad went to battle. After the last trip where he battled a nice mako shark, he knew the drill. AFTCO fighting belt on, leaning against the center console he went to work on the fish. I thought it was a bluefin tuna, so we had the tag stick ready – then from the depths up came a nice yellowfin tuna. Since we were all in the mood for some fresh tuna, we decided to gaff the tuna and put him on ice. The yellowfin hit Canyon Runner's new 6” white squid spreader bar. As the day went on, we got better and better at deploying the lines quickly and rigging the ballyhoo on the new lures from Canyon Runner. My brother brought his new GoPro camera which is an amazing addition to any fishing adventure. We had a great show from a pod of dolphins that raced to the bow of our boat and played while we trolled.  Into the video you will see two dolphins greet each other by coming together, belly to belly while swimming in front of our boat.  I have never seen that before.  The GoPro captured it all expertly – check the video on this post for some amazing footage, close up footage. Trolling through the slick calm waters my brother started weaving in and out of lobster pots in an effort to get another bite. That he did as a nice mahi mahi took our “way way back” 5 oz. pink Joe Shute rigged with a ballyhoo. Jeff went from the wheel to the rod, as he fought the mahi and we put our second fish on ice. At this point we had the perfect size yellowfin and mahi for an special 70th birthday dinner with Dad and the family once back at the dock. At 3PM we pulled the lines up and headed for the barn. Jeff ran the boat all the way home as we closed out another great adventure offshore on “Arlena” - and on my Dad’s 70th birthday. It certainly doesn’t get any better than that!

Watch in HD on Vimeo:

Celebrating Dad's Birthday At The Chicken Canyon from john logioco on Vimeo.

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